Jeff Bridges Talks Floating on The Tonight Show

Jeff Bridges Uses Floating to Relax Jeff Bridges, an American actor, most commonly known for his roles in True Grit, Iron Man, and the Tron series, was guest-starred on the Tonight Show. He explains to Jimmy Fallon his use of sensory deprivation tanks. Bridges has had...

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New Float Tanks Exclusively at Urban Float

Introducing: Alpha One Urban Float is excited to announce our deal with Pure Float Systems and the introduction to Alpha One Float Tanks. The newest tanks on the market will only be at Urban Float locations. Alpha one has the latest technology in infinity edge...

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Urban Float to Open Largest Float Pod Facility

New Location in Capitol Hill, Seattle Set to open this fall, 2017, Urban Float will have a new location in the Capitol Hill area. This will be the 4th location in the Seattle area. The junction of 12th Avenue and Madison/Union, in the triangle building across from...

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Urban Float Expanding to Houston Heights

Welcome to Texas Urban Float is very excited to introduce our latest franchise partners, Ben & Beth Lancaster from Houston, Texas.  Transplants from the north, the Lancaster’s have called Houston home for the past 10 years and absolutely love the community,...

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Steph Curry Turns to Float Therapy

Athlete Superstars are Using Float Therapy to Stay Focused In order to operate at peak performance, Steph Curry and many other professional athletes, are turning to float therapy. Now destined for the Hall of fame, Curry prioritizes his well being off the court. He...

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Floatation therapy offers new way to ease pain, reduce stress

A new twist on an ancient therapy, floatation therapy, is attracting people who want to ease pain and reduce stress. The therapy relies on huge amounts of a simple ingredient. Greg Fischer, who makes a living giving and learning how to take hits, said he doesn't feel...

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Float Tanks And Chronic Pain

Float Tanks Are Being Used to Heal Chronic Pain Chronic pain in the summertime can be a double whammy of discomfort. Those suffering from chronic pain find that relaxation and sleep is even harder to come by due to the heat, and lack of sleep can intensify pain. It’s...

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What’s the Deal with Floatation Therapy?

Dr. Ian visited the Rachel Ray Show to share his experience with Floataion Therapy. He described the experience as if he was “floating in space.” Jackie, co-founder of Floating Lotus says that the water and air temperature is the same as your skin so you don’t feel anything, and that there is no gravity so you’re just floating. The best part is she says you’ll reap the benefits right away.

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April 7th is World Health Day

Celebrate World Health Day with Urban Float National World Health Day is seen as an opportunity by the World Health Organization to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year. Celebrate your health this year by floating with...

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This Wellness Franchise Makes Sensory Deprivation Tanks Cool Again

Joe Beaudry was combing Seattle for a way to decompress from his high-stress job. This was back in 2011, and he’d heard of “floating” — shorthand for going into a water-filled sensory-deprivation pod. The only one he could find was in some random guy’s spare room, and bravely, he gave it a try. “I left there feeling incredible. My head was clear, I was focused, I could even see better,” he says. He was convinced more people needed to try floating — just not in random rooms.

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Urban Float Expecting Large Franchise Expansion This Year

The Washington Based Chain of Floatation Spas is Expected to Experience Large Franchise Expansion This Year. Urban Float is expecting to experience large franchise expansion by adding new locations in Houston in addition to the company's soon-to-be five locations in...

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i-sopod float tanks helps heal the SEALs

Navy SEALs Are Now Using Float Tanks We already know that float tanks can be used to induce relaxation and reduce stress, but now Navy SEALs are using float tanks to heal their injuries! Brain trauma from blast force is the most common injury of the Iraq and...

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Urban Float Expands Into Houston Texas

Urban Float Expands Into Houston with the Help of New Franchisees! Urban Float is very excited to announce that we will be expanding into the Houston, Texas market in 2017. In a recent feature on Franchising.com, Urban Float franchisees Richard and Dacia Kung were...

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Urban Float Brings Floatation Therapy to Houston in 2017

Early last week, Urban Float announced that three locations will be opening in Houston, Texas in 2017! New Urban Float Franchisee Dacia Kung will be bringing three locations over the course of 2017 to Houston and start spreading. floatation therapy to one of the...

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Urban Float Opens Fourth Seattle Location

Urban Float Opens the Largest Float Spa in North America! In a press release published on Franchising.com, Urban Float announces that it will be opening its fourth location in Seattle! This location will be 4,000 square feet and be located in the heart of downtown...

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Floating: The Chicago Cubs Secret Weapon

With the Chicago Cubs recent World Series win, an article written in ESPN reveals the Chicago Cubs secret weapon that they used to keep their minds focused and their bodies energized: Floating! In an article we linked at the bottom of this page, ESPN walks us through...

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On the Brink of National Expansion Plans

On the Brink of National Expansion Floating naked in total darkness has helped people relieve stress and heal joints since the 60's. There has been an increasing demand for floatation therapy and Urban Float is on the brink of national expansion plans. Urban Float...

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Forbes Features Urban Float

Urban Float has been featured in Forbes  Forbes has featured Urban Float as one of the four futuristic ways to stop stressing in today's constantly on-the-go and demanding society. The Center for Disease Control predicts that by the year 2020, stress will be the...

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Floating Therapy as a PTSD Treatment

Using Float Tanks to Treat PTSD With float therapy allowing a person to float effortlessly in a dark, quiet, and stimuli-free environment, many veterans have admitted that float therapy helps alleviate PTSD symptoms. Air Force veteran, Trey Hearn, strongly and...

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Steph Curry’s Secret Weapon – Floating!

Steph Curry's Secret Weapon- Floating! The rise of Stephen Curry from average NBA player to arguably the greatest basketball player in the world happened so quickly that it has led many to ask him, "how did this happen? How did you do it?". In a recent ESPN video,...

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Ohio State Football & Floating

Ohio State Football & Floating With flotation tanks, athletes are able to effortlessly float in a semi-submerged egg-shaped pod that reduces pain, muscle tension, blood pressure and inflammation. Users are able to float because the tanks use a solution of 35%...

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