Athlete Superstars are Using Float Therapy to Stay Focused

In order to operate at peak performance, Steph Curry and many other professional athletes, are turning to float therapy. Now destined for the Hall of fame, Curry prioritizes his well being off the court. He has become the poster child for sensory-deprivation float therapy and he swears that it increases focus and stamina while also healing chronic muscle and joint pain.

Being around since the 1950’s, float therapy has been associated with many benefits related to the brain and the body. Is it crazy to think that our brains need an occasional reboot? Sensory deprivation slows brain waves reaching a state of meditation, known as the theta state. Beyond physical benefits, float therapy alleviates anxiety and insomnia and improves memory and creativity.

Float therapy is too tempting to ignore. Join Steph Curry and many other professional athletes on finding a true state of relaxation.

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