Using Float Tanks to Treat PTSD


With float therapy allowing a person to float effortlessly in a dark, quiet, and stimuli-free environment, many veterans have admitted that float therapy helps alleviate PTSD symptoms. Air Force veteran, Trey Hearn, strongly and passionately believes in the power of float therapy. After his very first float, he wanted to share his uplifting experience with others.

Trey and his brother, Chris, opened up their very own float therapy store in Destin, Florida. Even though float therapy gives profound changes within the mind and body system and improves the overall function of the brain, Trey truly believes that the biggest draw of floating therapy are the benefits to military veterans and those who suffer from PTSD. The lack of stimuli while floating allows the brain to confront images or memories that have been suppressed.

What’s actually helping people on our PTSD program is, when they get into the tank and get to that point, now they can address it in a calm environment where there’s nothing else there that could hurt them. They feel calm in the tank. They feel like it’s secure, and they’re safe, and they can approach the traumatic events in more of an internal counseling session with themselves.
— Hearn

With the intention of alleviating PTSD, Trey and Chris generously offer free sessions to veterans and active duty members who have an official PTSD diagnosis. Floating therapy has helped PTSD victims completely wean off or decrease the amount of anxiety and depression medications. Most importantly, float therapy has allowed them to sleep better at night.