Floating: The Chicago Cubs Secret Weapon

With the Chicago Cubs recent World Series win, an article written in ESPN reveals the Chicago Cubs secret weapon that they used to keep their minds focused and their bodies energized: Floating! In an article we linked at the bottom of this page, ESPN walks us through the new version of the Cubs clubhouse which now contains float pods for the team to use as recovery and training aids.

The addition of float pods and other amenities was part of a renovation effort designed to provide additional resources to the Cubs players and management, as well as keep players closer to home and keep the team’s sense of family at a high. The facilities are also being used to keep injured players closer to home, where they would previously have been forced to go to the Cubs spring club house over in Arizona. With the addition of floatation therapy and other resources to the Chicago team’s home location, Cubs manager Joe Maddon believes that both injured and healthy players will benefit by continuing to be part of the team.

And it is not only the players who are experiencing a benefit, as General manager Jed Hoyer goes on to explain:

It powers down your nervous system…Sort of resets thing. Incredible value downshifting your entire nervous system. All your senses. Just for 15-20 minutes. The value is tremendous.

Hopefully once the team is done celebrating their recent win, they can unwind and prepare themselves for another great showing next year with some intensive and relaxing float therapy. And if there is one thing we can all take away from this article, it is that even if you are at the absolute top of human performance floating can help you rest, recover, and focus on crushing your next big goal!

Read the article here.