Jeff Bridges Talks Floating on The Tonight Show


Jeff Bridges Uses Floating to Relax

Jeff Bridges, an American actor, most commonly known for his roles in True GritIron Man, and the Tron series, was guest-starred on the Tonight Show. He explains to Jimmy Fallon his use of sensory deprivation tanks.

Bridges has had several mentors over the years, one of them being John C. Lilly, the inventor of float tanks and the mastermind behind the ideals of floating. Bridges then shares his thoughts on being in the warm shallow water where nothing is occurring except the thoughts in your mind.

“You are not really aware of how much is really happening inside – how much you project and everything going on, until there is nothing going on, and then you realize it is all coming from the inside.”

By floating, anxiety and built-up tension can be resolved. Bridges states how anxiety come from fear and that fear can disband if you take the time to ‘get out’.

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