Urban Float to Open Largest Float Pod Facility


New Location in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Set to open this fall, 2017, Urban Float will have a new location in the Capitol Hill area. This will be the 4th location in the Seattle area. The junction of 12th Avenue and Madison/Union, in the triangle building across from Ferrari of Seattle will now have the largest floatation pod facility in the United States. With sound-controlled pods containing 200 gallons of purified water and over 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt, Urban Float can optimize helping the most amount of people relax. The 4,000+ square foot location will contain 9 floatation pods and an atmosphere of tranquillity.

“We are truly thrilled to be opening the largest float pod-only floatation-therapy spa in the country. Demand for float spas is continuing to grow rapidly nationwide, and Urban Float is proud to continue offering a sleek, high-end flotation-therapy experience at an affordable price.” -Urban Float Founder Joe Beaudry