Why Franchise?


We have learned that there is an incredible demand for floatation centers and specifically, the Urban Float brand. Every location that we have opened is successful. The world is seemingly in more need of disconnection, relaxation and overall well-being than ever before. Subsequently, our goal is to provide all major markets and communities with an Urban Float center as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining a healthy and strategic growth rate.

Our belief is that in order to replicate the success we have seen with Urban Float, we need partners who deeply care about their business, and are passionate about improving the wellbeing and lives of those in their community. For this reason, and many more, the franchise model makes great sense for Urban Float.

For you, the Urban Float franchise model list of benefits include a much higher likelihood of success than going it alone:

  • expedited time to get your store open

  • initial training from experts in this industry, from those who have already made the mistakes so you don’t have to

  • the selling power of a known brand (check out our current google/yelp reviews!)

  • assistance from one of the best retail real estate guys in the country to ensure you open in the best possible location

  • guidance in marketing to ensure you’re centers maintain a high occupancy rate.

  • The list goes on…


Franchise businesses account for 8% of service businesses, but command 40% of all service-related revenue.


According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, less than 5% of all franchise outlets fail annually.


Franchise businesses generate $1.5 Trillion dollars in economic output.


There are more than 800,000 franchise businesses in the U.S.


Franchising industry has created over 18 million jobs in the U.S.


Franchising industry shows consistent growth even during a recession.