Do You Fit?


Our Franchise Owners


Business Acumen

To be awared a franchise with Urban Float, you’ll likely need to show experience in business management, with strong people and team-building skills. Managing companies with high revenues is certainly a plus.


Sales / Retail Background

You can’t achieve high revenues without sales. We seek out those individuals who understand the importance of sales skills, and who have a natural ability to be able to teach those skills to the team members running their locations.


Dedicated Achievers

You should want to achieve greatness. Mediocrity is not something we accept from ourselves at Urban Float, and seek to partner with those people who feel the same. It’s not just about making money. It’s also about striving to be known as ‘the best’ in your community.


Own Multiple Units

We want to work with over-achievers! We are not looking for Mom & Pop style operators. We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs who are aggressive and want to share the benefits of floating to their markets with multiple locations.

Hear From Franchise Owners


What is the background of a typical Urban Float franchise owner? What are the skill sets? What do the franchise owners love most about their businesses? Got questions like these? Great! Watch the video to above and get some answers!