Why Urban Float?


We are more.

Our brand has broad appeal and is approachable by people from all walks of life. We cater to the needs of mainstream clients. We offer a high end experience from the moment the customer books their appointment to the moment they walk out of the door – even into the days following their float. While many float centers are cutting costs on their build-out and using cheap equipment, we are investing in the best in materials and equipment creating an environment that draws people in.

We build our centers for maximum operational efficiency in customer flow, upkeep, and maintenance. Our staff spends more time focused on the customer and less time tending to the facilities. We see more customers per day than many float centers due to these efficiencies, which result in increased capacity and additional revenue opportunities.

We are the first, to our knowledge, of any legitimate float center to offer unlimited memberships allowing our members to float as often as they like for one monthly fee. Many centers offer monthly memberships with limits of 1 to 4 floats per month. The reason we are able to offer unlimited when our competitors can’t is because we’ve built the capacity and facilities to handle the demand. Our newest stores are 1.5-2x larger than our competitors creating ample opportunity for our guests to book appointments and float when it’s convenient for them.



At Urban Float, we care deeply about the well-being and health of our staff and our customers. We also care deeply about the economic health of our businesses. If you’re looking for a business model with high revenues, high margins and minimal overhead, then we would encourage you to talk with our franchise development team to find out more about our unit economics.



Think of the rise of industries like yoga, and more recently like crossfit and spin centers. Imagine being an early-adopter and being one of the first to market these locations, before market saturation began to occur. That is exactly what we believe is about to happen with the floating industry. The seeds have been sown, and now, floating is about to flourish.



Unlike the restaurant industry, or most other retail business models, you don’t need to spend all day in your Urban Float store in order to be successful. Our business model is conducive to semi-absentee owners. Our training program teaches you how to hire the right team, and how to manage them to ensure your locations are managed precisely, allowing you more time to focus on opening additional locations.

When you partner with Urban Float, you truly are partnering with some of the countries best retail professionals. Scott Swerland has opened and continues to own nearly 100 successful tanning centers. He is looking to bring that experience and guidance to our Urban Float franchise owners, so they too can achieve the same level of success.

A New Industry

What do our franchise owners think of the industry they are in? Click on the video to the right to find out what is getting entrepreneurs like Marilyn Melendez so excited about the floating industry.