Strong Branding

Our brand has broad appeal and is approachable by people from all walks of life. We cater to the needs of mainstream clients. We offer a high end experience from the moment the customer books their appointment to the moment they walk out of the door – even into the days following their float. While many float centers are cutting costs on their build-out and using cheap equipment, we are investing in the best in materials and equipment creating an environment that draws people in.

But we don’t just rely on our premium experience or superior technology to ensure our float centers stay busy. We will help you use a variety of marketing tools to bring brand awareness to your local community. We’ll guide you on the successful application of social media, groupon, direct-mail, public relations and more.


Social Media Marketing

Urban Float prides itself on being very involved with social media and the online float community. Utilizing the latest tools and services to both spread the word about floating and create a profitable revenue channels.


E-Mail Marketing

Staying in front of your customers is important without being overbearing. Believe it or not, E-Mail is still a wonderful tool for engaging, updating, providing content and promotional delivery to our customers!


Consumer Engagement

Listening to our customers is important! At Urban Float it is very important to listen, accept feedback and make changes appropriately to make sure that we are consistently making them happy and staying on top!


Community Partnerships

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. We strive to be the best at what we do and create strong partnerships with professional businesses and individuals within our communities.