Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Urban Float unique?

Starbucks branding, Nordstrom experience, Costco pricing

Our brand has broad appeal and is approachable by people from all walks of life. We cater to the needs of mainstream clients. We offer a high end experience from the moment the customer books their appointment to the moment they walk out of the door – even into the days following their float. While many float centers are cutting costs on their build-out and using cheap equipment, we are investing in the best in materials and equipment creating an environment that draws people in.

We build our centers for maximum operational efficiency in customer flow, upkeep, and maintenance. Our staff spends more time focused on the customer and less time tending to the facilities. We see more customers per day than many float centers due to these efficiencies, which result in increased capacity and additional revenue opportunities.

We are the first, to our knowledge, of any legitimate float center to offer unlimited memberships allowing our members to float as often as they like for one monthly fee. Many centers offer monthly memberships with limits of 1 to 4 floats per month. The reason we are able to offer unlimited when our competitors can’t is because we’ve built the capacity and facilities to handle the demand. Our newest stores are 1.5-2x larger than our competitors creating ample opportunity for our guests to book appointments and float when it’s convenient for them.

How much does it cost to open an Urban Float?

Upwards of $467,000 – depending on how big you want your center to be, the location itself and how many float pods you want available. 

How much can I make?

The profitability of the Urban Float business model is tremendous, as evidenced by our Item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document. This is an investment opportunity for select entrepreneurs who understand unit economics and appreciate Urban Float’s positioning here. To obtain a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document, fill out the form to get started in the qualification process.

How many locations are there?

Nine. We have four corporate locations open in the Greater Seattle area. In 2016 we awarded and opened our first franchise in Vancouver, WA. In January of 2018 our first out of state franchise opened in Houston, TX; followed by Rehoboth Beach, DE, Columbus OH, Tacoma, WA, and a second location in Houston, TX! Currently we have over 30 Urban Float franchise locations under contract.

Are you SBA approved?


How much money should I have to open an Urban Float?

At minimum, $100,000 and you may be able to receive financing. We are really seeking multi-unit investors who are looking to quickly scale into multiple locations in their market.

Can you help me get funded?

We can help! With over 75 years in retail, and the partnerships to match, we know how to help get you funded, with the RIGHT lenders.

What are you looking for in an Urban Float franchise owner?

We are looking for franchisees with good business acumen. Prior experience in retail services and sales are a plus. We are seeking business-driven decision makers who are dedicated to building and operating (personally or through GMs) high performing, top tier, float centers. Our franchisees should be interested in opening 3, 5, 10, or 20 units.

Do I need to work in the store everyday?

You do not! This is a simple operation that can be 1 manager and 1 spa associate. Our Franchise Owners are encouraged to quickly move out of the day-to-day, and focus on opening multiple locations. 

Do I receive ongoing support?


We are with you for the long haul! From the initial application through the entire operational period, Urban Float franchise owners are supported at all times. Our qualified and professional staff is available to provide help and guidance in these following areas:

  • A comprehensive training program and operations manual for the daily operation of your business

  • 1-week of initial float, and business training

  • Business Plan assistance

  • Site selection assistance

  • Pre/Post opening advertising and marketing support

  • Grand Opening support

  • Customized software to store updates to all of our marketing, and operational documents needed to run your business

How much is the franchise fee?

$40,000 for a single unit.

We also offer three, five and 10 unit franchise agreements to select candidates. 

How much is the royalty?

7.5% of gross sales.