April 7th is World Health Day


Celebrate World Health Day with Urban Float

National World Health Day is seen as an opportunity by the World Health Organization to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year.

Celebrate your health this year by floating with Urban Float!

What is floating?

During a float you are suspended effortlessly in a super saturated solution of epsom salt and water within a light and sound controlled environment that reduces sensory stimulation and effectively suspends the effects of gravity on the central nervous system. The water is at skin temperature and after a few minutes you lose the awareness of where the body ends and the water begins. Resting in this unique environment creates profound changes within the mind/body system and actually improves the overall function of the brain and central nervous system.

What health benefits does floating provide?

During a float experience, the brain is relieved of sensory ‘noise’ (light, sound and touch). The reduction of external stimulation is especially helpful with healing ailments, as it allows the brain to rest. Blood pressure lowers, circulation improves, and stress hormones like cortisol are eliminated from the body. When circulation improves, so does the body’s healing capacity. The best part- it’s actually backed by over thirty years of mainstream scientific research in human performance.

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